An address delivered by Ekiti Youth Parliament (EYP) Speaker, Rt. Hon, Toba Fatunla, on the maiden edition of Ekiti Youth Economic Empowerment Summit, on 25th July, 2020


  1. Its my pleasure to welcome all Ekiti Youths home and diaspora to the maiden edition of Ekiti Youth Economic Empowerment summit. We thank God Almighty that makes today come to reality in our dear state.
  2. The Ekiti Youth Parliament (EYP) in pursuit of our mission and vision of contributing to the growth and development of Ekiti State and to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also focus on one of our priority areas which is to orientate and stimulate the youth through multifaceted Skills Acquisition Programs. With the level of unemployed graduates and teeming under-employed youths in our country.It is sacrosant we change the narrative and create a paradigm shift.The Ekiti Youth Parliament in collaboration with our development partners designed an Economic Empowerment Summit aimed at equipping ‘Ekiti Youth’ with vocations and skills that would enable them self-reliance and earn sustainable income which would eventually help them afford the basic needs of life that gives man dignity.
  3. The Ekiti Youth Economic Empowerment Summit organized by the Parliament in collaboration with Ministry of Youths and Sport Development in partnership with DDI Consult is targeted at empowering Ekiti Youth with necessary life skills and a sense of self worth in order to enable our youths to be self sufficient and gainfully employed.
  4. It is an established fact that the youths are the backbone and bedrock of any given society and hence they determine the future of the society. The greatest investment is human capital development.Therefore, due to the high dependence on youth in the society, the youth have to prepare adequately for the futuristic occurrence and economic challenges. The future of our communities, state and the country lies in our hands. Young men and women are one of the major components of the society.
  5. To this end, the purpose for bringing up Ekiti Youth Economic Empowerment Summit at this critical time is occasioned towards meeting the current economic challenges, fully participate in diversification of the economy and prepare for post Covid-19 economic life.
  6. ” A Hippo is not designed to cross the desert”. A machine designed to produce iron sheets cannot be used to produce plastic bags without undergoing a major reconfiguration and reorientation. Many of our Youth in Ekiti State needs to be reconfigured for the purposes of current and emerging challenges of 21st century.
  7. Youth Economic Empowerment is therefore a prerequisite for inclusive and economic growth. It’s believed that the summit would improve Ekiti Youth self-confidence, exposure and independence. In addition, the summit will facilitate and lead to start-ups of core businesses of the (Small and Medium Scale Enterprise).
  8. This very important summit is put together in order to ensure all Ekiti Youth have the tools to fully participate in the economy through championing the tenets of decent work for the youths, including training, skill building programs and management skills. The summit will showcase different inspiring and informative session such as Starting a Small Business, Skills Acquisition Training awherend so on.
  9. It is important to note that, Ekiti youth around the world are resilient, intellectual and resources economic agents. Our previous survey and evidence has shown that youths full participation in the economy drives better performing and more resilient businesses and supports economic growth and wider development goals of nations.
  10. Before I end this address, I will have to salute the sagacity, courage, enigmatic and enthusiastic spirits of Ekiti Youth. We should not relent, the future is ours. ‘When more Ekiti youth work, Ekiti economies grow’.
  11. At this point, the Ekiti youth call on government at all levels and well-meaning individuals in the society to ensure majority of youth in rural area and urban centre in Ekiti State are well equipped with modernized tools and equipments for them to fullly engage in entrepreneurship, agriculture, agro-allied ventures, and other blue collar jobs.
  12. We also call on the various stakeholders in Nigeria economy sector to provide policies and social protection systems for the youth and create an enabling environment for the youths to enter and thrive in the economic participation of this country. There must be economic policies that recognizes, and financially support the youth. At this juncture, we salute the courage of President Muhammadu Buhari administration for the establishment of Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) otherwise known as “Youth Bank”.
  13. I want to specially appreciate Pst Segun Oduyebo and his wonderful team (DDI Consult) for synergising with us to achieve this. Special appreciation goes to our wonderful Ekiti Youth Parliamentarians for supporting Mr Speaker to achieve this feat amongst many other wonderful initiatives.
  14. In conclusion, our appreciation goes to the Executive Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi, the Commissioner for youth and sports development, Hon Micheal Awopetu, Ekiti State Ministry of Youth and Sport Development, and let me also trowey salute to DDI and all our development partners for facilitating this very crucial summit.

Speaker Ekiti Youth Parliament
Rt. Hon. Toba Fatunla

God bless Ekiti Youth
God bless Ekiti Youth Parliament
God bless Ekiti State
God bless Nigeria

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