BEWARE!!! New Instagram trick hackers use to get your account hacked

BEWARE!!! New Instagram trick hackers use to get your account hacked ekitireprorters

Beware of the new Instagram trick hackers use to hack your your account. If you don’t wanna lose your account, then read this post to stay safe.

Social media giants including Instagram have been taking several steps to safeguard the platform from scam but just like them, scammers and hackers are also devising new ways to scam and hack accounts of the unspecting public.

Instagram, a popular photo-sharing service owned by Facebook is one of the platforms where a scam has been making rounds and Sophos, a computer security firm has warned users against it. Sophos claims that hackers are this time spreading a scam that falsely tells users that they are violating the Instagram copyright laws.

As an active Instagram user or have a verified profile, you don’t want to see a copyright infringement email or a message coming from Instagram that may permanently or temporarily deactivate your account. Now this tempts the users to click on the click in the mail, which leads to them becoming a part of the scam.

The website shared a screen shot showing the false message of copyright infringement comes with an ‘Instagram’ logo on top followed by a text message saying ‘We’ve detected contents in your account that will violate copyright laws. Your account will be deactivated within 48 hours unless you provide feedback. As Instagram, we respect copyrights and take care to
protect copyrights.’ This message is followed by a button that says ‘Appeal’.

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