The first time i heard the words– “Money will not make you happy” I thought the speaker was insane. I imagined all the things money could buy. I imagined building a house in the moon. I imagined owning a yacht and sailing from city to city.

But over the years, I have grown to see the truth in those words. I have owned money and lost money. I have laid broken at the altar of failure, wishing and praying that God takes my life.

But in this depth of pain, I found joy. I learnt life’s most valuable lessons: Happiness is a choice. What you own will not bring you lasting happiness. Man is insatiable. Once a need is met, a new hunger grows. We compare ourselves to our peers and suddenly what we have will no longer be enough . For this reason, you must learn to curb your mind, and put a rein on your natural instincts.

Say to yourself, “my joy is mine to decide.”

Have you ever wondered why a poor farmer in some village who do not have even a mattress to lay his head, has some much laughter bouncing off his walls, in comparison to someone who lives in a skyscraper?

Sometimes happiness is not about what you have. Happiness is who you are. Your attitude and perspective towards life.

Lasting happiness and completion is rooted in your purpose. Find your purpose,that’s your core connection to your soul. Once you walk on that path, whether you get paid or not, whether you own mansions or not, you will be fulfilled. And in fulfillment comes lasting joy.

Have a great day, Chi-family!

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With love,
Chi Ngaikedi.

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