Mother general of Ekiti, your presence in Ekiti has been one of the greatest gifts to rock music. Your music played and still plays a phenomenal role in the world’s history.

The power of your music touches the heart of the masses like none other, and that is a feeling that no amount of wealth in this world can ever buy.

Your musical genius is one the world has never seen and will never see! You are a true icon. I hope your Big Day is as phenomenal as your music.

Not only has your music had an extraordinarily positive influence in so many life, but also in the lives of multitudes the world over!

In the heart of the youths you shall forever be one of the greatest icons of all time.

Her excellency, we the youths of Ekiti stand at the rooftop to shout your name to wish you long life and prosperity.

Rt.Hon. Toba Fatunla
Speaker, Ekiti Youth Parliament.

Released by:
Amb.Olu-Ajayi Maxwell O.
S.A. Special Duties/News Media

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