Hon. Joe Tolu Olugbemie is the New President of Ekiti Parapo of North Carolina, USA



Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, fellow members of Ekiti Parapo of NC, I would like to take this opportunity once again to wish u all a happy and prosperous new year. I thank everyone for the confidence you have in me and others members of the new executive to carry the affairs of the association for the next two years. The love I have for my dear state. Ekiti goes beyond words. I think, I drink, I breath Ekiti every minute of my breath. Ekiti my Bethlehem. Hence everywhere I found myself, I promote and projects Ekiti. To contribute my own quota to promote the welfare of my people and elevate them from poverty level.
The pertinent question now is, how can we as association turn our advantage for being in America to great opportunities for the realization of our collective dreams of building a strong association for the 21st century that our children can be proud of and be able to associate with and most especially for the benefit of our people back home.
For me personally, I subscribe to the view that the individual interests are best projects and projects within the context of “we” coming together. If it’s well with each member of us it will be well with the association. It shall be well with us in Jesus name.Amen. we must adopt the slogan…the welfare of my association is my welfare . TEAM WORK. I challenge us to have a team mind set. A task doesn’t have to be a complex before we need team work. Working together will have compounding effects on our goals and objectives as well as our achievements.
Ekiti is homogeneous. We’re equal in this association. No member is more equal than the other. Every view and opinions will be respected before we arrive at a decision. The love for our fatherland, Ekiti, brought us together. In the book of Ephesian 5/21 says submit to one another out of reverence for christ. Moreover..Walter Wendell wrote “Never above us, never below us, Always besides us”.

No question about it. We will have our differences. We should be able to resolve it with love. No two leaves are alike and yet there is no antagonism between them or between the branches to which they grow.
My vision.
“Until you spread your wings you will not have no idea how far you can fly ” Napoleon Bonaparte.
1) The membership welfare is the paramount goal. If it’s well with us here that is when we can remember our people back home. We’re going to celebrate ourselves more than before. Birthday, wedding anniversary, landmark achievements in our different fields.
2) To get the association to become an official non profit organization.
3) Review our welfare policies. 4) set up youth wings. 5) Ekiti week. We will set aside a week yearly for Ekiti week in the state with a lots of activities. Committee will be set up to work out the modalities.
6) To create “Council of elders ” like board members. Who will guide the association. If there’s a conflict between leaders/members. The council of elders would step in. 7) Group investment..Ekiti House.

Let us embark on mass and social media to ensure that people are aware of the association. Finally, I can’t think of a better way to say it myself. As long as a seed remains in the light, it cannot germinate. It will not become what it was created to be. The seeds must be planted in the soil, in a dark place. So that the potential on the inside will come to life. There are seeds of greatness in us, dreams and goals to move the association forward.
The final match for reform has begun and your full participation is crucial. I would ask that we all roll up our sleeves and commit our time and substance to join with me to take the Ekiti parapo of NC across the finish line.
Ekiti a gbe wa o!
God bless………
Joseph Tolu Olugbamila. 1/12/2020

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