Ondo govt labels impeachment allegations ’tissues of lies’

The Ondo state government has labelled the alleged plot to impeach the embattled Deputy Governor, Agboola Ajayi and Speaker of the State House of Assembly as pedestrian and lies.

The Commissioner for Information and Orientation Donald Ojogo Reacted to the allegation in the below statement;

Alleged Impeachment Move Against Agboola Ajayi:
It’s Your Shadow, Fear Not

“We are not surprised that they are coming out in this manner. This issues raised are not just pedestrian; they are tissues of lies and a misadventurous propaganda.

The totality of untruths previously marketed to oil the mis-steps are obviously hunting the man who had hyped himself out of relevance.

It is, perhaps, illogical that the Governor with ‘minority’ in the Assembly will be inviting the Deputy Governor’s ‘majority’ for what they feel appropriate for their imaginary thoughts.

Mr Governor has decided to remain calm and unperturbed amid all these lies. There are periods you fight your battles; at other times, you require silence and allow the lies of your adversaries to fight your battles on your behalf.

Donald Ojogo,
Commissioner for Information and Orientation

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