Playing Politics or Pranks with the return of Segun Oni to PDP? By Dr. Goke Adelola

“The Party, PDP belongs to all genuine Members. No one can outwit the others, intolerantly playing pranks in the guise of politics. Such agenda will fail, flat on his face.”

By Dr. Goke Adelola

Being on sabbatical has afforded me a lot of luxury, of time and of concentrating on other important areas of community mandate. Of course, politics inclusive.

Since I edited my recent publication titled “Ekiti State: Caretaker Committee: Another Critical View,” I have answered calls to no end. Some appreciating my sincerity to move Ekiti politics forward by analysing Gov Fayose, for who, he actually is, as a major hindrance to Ekiti politics of integrity.

In quest, I dilated that leadership may be insincere but follower ship determines the quality of leadership, most times,especially in democracy.

Another category of callers appealed to me to water down my acidity on him and gave me his numbers, to call for a truce. To me, none of these suggestions could be options, if we allow this unique opportunity, of reshaping Ekiti to slip off our hands again as a party come 2022, then we may have ourselves to blame. It happened in 2018. This is just for our records,as stakeholders.

Now, coming to the matters. The coming back of Former Governor Segun Oni and his followers, evident by the letter the group wrote to the Ekiti State Caretaker Committee, dated May 24, 2020 is eloquent. Is it the reaction to the letter or the ill feelings against the writer(s) ? One of it has generated so much disgust and rantings from an opposition group’s leader, within the Ekiti Pdp.

The unfortunate aspect of this matter, real or imagined is that Gov Fayose is at the centre of this controversy again!! What offence has Segun Oni committed, so early, by advancing his intentions to return to PDP, with his followers?

History has a way of reminding us of the past. We call it nostalgia when it is pleasant. And we share the success, in reverie. But when such event is sordid, as opposite, it conveys proportions of regrets and distorts the evil plans. We should therefore be guided by the law of Kama that whatever we sow we shall definely reap, if not even worse at times.

The write up by a group, purportedly signed by Ayo Fayose is currently trending, with indictment. Also With unnecessary abuse of the social media space and the sensibilities of other party members, in Pdp Ekiti.

For the avoidance of doubt, a political party provides for free entry and exit of members. The import is that nobody can stop anyone from enlisting membership of the Party, for as long as he observes compliance to basic party guidelines and procedures.

I don’t want to be tempted to revisit my earlier assessment of former Gov Fayose’s character and the psychosocial imperatives and dynamics of why he behaves in very strange and peculiar manners. Not in this edition but we all can see, that he is, indeed an impossible being with whom only the spirit can relate.

Please, let us avoid distraction. We all agree that at least, the more the merrier in party politics. Can therefore one person win a major election? Are we not supposed to mobilise more people into the party?

Can anyone deny the fact that the return of people shall boost the chances of the party?

To refreshen our memory, when Former Gov Fayose lost out sometimes,he went on voyage to several parties including ANPP, PPA, LABOUR etc. Even at some instances, he collaborated with APC. The records are legion.

It did not stop the party from accepting him back when he traced his way back to the party. In fact, he returned and took the biggest ticket!!

In the same vein, Otunba Akerele, won the Governorship primaries and was arm twisted and dispossessed of the ticket. He did not leave immediately. Ultimately, he left with numerous others, due to injustice and high handedness of the Former Governor Ayo Fayose.

When the party thought it fit, they woo them back into the party. The same thing applied to Dr Sikiru Lawal and Ambassador Dare Bejide and a host of others who didn’t contest for any post but felt very offended with the very ungentlemanly conducts of former Gov Fayose.

Is that an offence? What is wrong in returning to a place where you had invested so much.

Why should Akerele be singled out for vilification by someone who is guilty of the same offence!

Why, for God’s sake also, will former Gov Oni and his supporters not be allowed to return to the party? Is the party a personal property of any man? Can a party win without all hands on deck? Why should a minority group wilfully destroy others?

It should be noted that the party, PDP belongs to all genuine members. No one can outwit the others, playing pranks, intolerantly in the guise of politics. Such agenda will fail, flat on his face.

It is good to note that the agenda of the Commercial Politician is not to strengthen the party to win but to keep it as a helpless tool of negotiation with his intention to control party structures. Nothing more.

God does not work that way. He places the crown on the head of his choice either strong or week.

This is also a note of warning however to the Segun Oni group who is being touted or rumoured to have already shared available positions!!! Those you have come to join are not fools! They toiled and have suffered to keep the party alive, despite all the odds!! They are also ambitious!

Anyone without ambition has no reason to be in politics. Those making noise on the ambition of others, as the basis to vilify them are just being economical with the truth and unrealistic.

Its either they are naive, have nothing to offer or want to displace others cheaply.
Ambition is no crime. All we need is honesty of purpose and the ability to persuade and heal wounds.

A word also for those who have held the party together genuinely, so far, they must be up and running and stop complaining!! Those coming must also be circumspect.

Enough of pranks of bad mouthing, enough of grandstanding, enough of deceit of our party members.

Enough is Enough

Dr. Goke Adelola
May 27, 2020

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