The untold story of the slave trade in Nigeria. By Olusanya Emma Iyanu

The TINUBU that I know.

Forgotten accomplice of the slave trade in Nigeria.

Efunporoye Osuntinubu Olumosa was a business tycoon “ẹrú jẹ je”.

She wielded enormous economic power across western African and political power in Abeokuta and Lagos.

In 1883, she married Adele an exiled Oba(king) of Lagos. Like Hulk of the Avengers, she grew enormously in her political and economic power.

The two soon moved to the coastal city of Badagry; consequently, Tinubu used her husband’s connection to build a successful business empire trading salt and tobacco from Europeans for SLAVES from Abeokuta.

In the year 1835, Tinubu returned to Lagos after Adele got his throne back.

Untimely death hit her second husband like a stray bullet 2 years after.

Like phone software, she helped install Adele’s son, Oluwole, as the new king and married his military advisor(Balogun) Yesefu Bada.

Her business grew geometrically by its monopolization of SLAVES and palm oil, and offering firearms obtained from the Europeans, which increased her wealth during the Yoruba wars of the 1840s and 1850s.

Rumour has it that she owned 360 personal slaves.

Soon, death hit her son Oluwole; after she helped arranged Akintoye her brother-in-law to ascend the throne.

He reciprocates by rewarding her with valuable stores in downtown Lagos.

By 1845, European nations repudiated slavery and turned to commercial crops from West Africa, she grew her empire by controlling the major new items of commerce: palm oil, coconut oil, and cotton.

Tinubu now established foreign trade alliance and brokered deals with European and Brazillian political-military leaders.

She was the major channel in Lagos between European traders and merchants from throughout the Nigerian slave location.

We cannot talk about the slave trade without mentioning people such as Tinubu who for a “morsel of eba” sold their brothers and sisters into slavery all because of vested interest.

Note: Slave trade was evident in our land through the conqueror of small kingdoms by the giants.

They were being used as servants and farming purposes, sometimes to satisfy the sexual urges of their masters.

Do you know about Efunsetan Aniwura?

Have you heard the name Oba Kosoko?

Do you know How Akintoye stopped the slave trade?

Madam Tinubu telling a slave trader Domingo Martinez

“I would rather drown the slave( 20) in number than sell them at a discount.

She was a brutal and heartless woman.

She died in 1887, Tinubu square was named after her.

I believe such a woman’s name should not be a symbol of good beneficence in our society.

It’s about time we tell ourselves the truth.

Do you want to know about Oba Kosoko, Efunsetan Aniwura?

I afflicted with the fact that if the slave trade was still obvious in Nigeria, powerful men will sell the weak for porridge.

Circa ( 1805-1887)

To be continued…

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