Saliu Adeoti, the Otun Ekiti born political whizkid departed this world a little too early. He left when the ovation was high, when he had more to give and much more to live for. It was as though he knew he wouldn’t live long and so he accomplished all he could as though he was in a hurry. He embodies the highest quality that a man might desire; he was a patriot, an idealist, a man of action, a dreamer of dreams. It seemed unbelievable that a man so daring, so adventurous, so reckless of consequences, and yet so intensely practical should have risen in this land of ours. Yet, a study of his life will show that, like Julius Caesar, ‘the elements’ were so mixed in him that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, ‘This was a man’.

Saliu Abayomi Adeoti was born on 11th of May,1971 to the family of Mr Salaudeen Adeoti of Ile Balogun compound of Otun Ekiti. He started his elementary education at Ansar Ud Deen Primary School, Otun Ekiti in 1974, completing it in 1980. From there, he proceeded to Ansar Ud Deen Islamic Secondary School as one of the pioneer students in 1981, graduating in 1986. Due to the fact that WAEC was yet to accredit the school, Adeoti enrolled for the West African School Certificate at Otun Comprehensive high school in 1987 and passed with distinction.

He worked as teacher at Ansar Ud Deen Secondary School from 1991 until he was offered admission to the Ondo State University, Ado Ekiti where he studied Political Science. Late Rt. Hon. Saliu Adeoti graduated in 1999 with Second Class Upper degree and, thereafter did his National Youth Service programme with Sokoto State government.

After the NYSC, he was employment again by his Alma mater, the Ansar Ud Deen Islamic Secondary School, Otun Ekiti where he served as school bursar until he was subsequently appointed as Principal.

He voluntarily resigned his appointment in 2006 to contest for a seat in the Ekiti State House of Assembly. Upon his landslide victory, Saliu threw himself heart and soul into the ring of politics. He was elected as Deputy Speaker of the House in 2007. He was later elected by his colleagues as Acting Speaker of the House after the substantive Speaker, Hon Odeyemi became the Acting Governor of Ekiti State in 2009.

A restless young man who daily bubbled with life, no other politician ever created a greater sensation in that regime than Saliu Adeoti. He was the moving spirit behind the House of Assembly, laying down his life to defend the cause and forte of that institution.

As Burser and Principal of AUD Secondary School, the contributions he made to education in Otun Ekiti is now a lasting monument as his attempts to give direction to learning is now bearing fruits. No wonder the incumbent Governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi renamed the Otun Comprehensive High School after him as Saliu Adeoti Comprehensive High School.

Hon Saliu Abayomi Adeoti was abnitio an activist of note. He served in many capacities as President, Federation of Moba Students Union and Secretary, Otun Development Association. He was a philanthropist and lover of everybody across the political divides. His heightened sense of mission touched on many lives postively. During his short political tenure, he used the instrument of political power to get over 20 Otun and Moba indigenes employed in government work.

Hon Saliu Abayomi Adeoti died on 27th day of October, 2010, at the age of 39 years, thus making him the youngest of the dead heroes profiled to date. Though his life was cut short by death, but his mission on earth has more than succeeded.

May his soul continue to rest in peace.

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