Unemployment Crisis: 4,625 graduates apply for Amotekun job in Osun

There is a lingering unemployment crisis in Nigeria, worse than you could even imagine, and this recent report is a testament to it.

Almost 5,000 graduates in Osun state, applied for Amotekun job, a scheme which Governors are reviewing a monthly pay of N13,500.

We are not saying that is what Amotekun workers are going to be paid, but there is every chance they won’t get the minimum wage, and thousands of graduates are left with no choice but to apply.

According to a recent report by Punch Nigeria, about 4,625 university and polytechnic graduates representing 35 per cent have applied for recruitment into Amotekun Corps in Osun state.

Twenty per cent of the applicants are university graduates from various disciplines, while 15 per cent have Higher National Diploma.

Application for job in Amotekun Corps in the state ended on Tuesday, June 27 with about 13,000 applying for placements.

We can’t blame those that applied, we just need to look inward as a society, and try to get things right. Cause things are obviously not working out fine.

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